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Hi there

Post by Tan Tailed on Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:54 am

Characters crossed out are no longer available for RP.

Name: Tan Tailed.  Everyone calls him Tails for short.

Species: Vulpix

Appearance: His hindlegs and tails are tan colored.  Rest of his body is red like a normal vulpix.

Spots: Everywhere

Specialties: Moving around quietly, taking his time with his sentences, cardboard

Other characters

Name: Patches

Species: Vulpix

Appearance: He's identical to Tails except for a black patch around his right eye, a black tipped right ear, black hind and fore paws on his right side, and three tails on his right side are black as well.

Spots: Everywhere.

Specialties: Giggling, teasing and/or taunting, making trouble, excessive ice cream consumption

Name: Berse

Species: Gligar

Appearance: A typical Gligar except for a variety of small dents and scrapes across the length of his body.  His fangs look dull and worn.  There is an noticeable mark around his neck from where he used to wear a tight necklace.

Spots: It depends on the tool.

Specialties: Rigid devotion to beliefs, noisemaking, existing in his own reality, metallic affection

More characters

Just the basics.  It's best to ask if you need to know more.

Name: Donald

Species: Noctowl

Specialties: Long distance deliveries, general PTA maintenance, badly timed humor

Name: Craig

Species: Venonat

Specialties: Reliable postal service, relentless dislike of over 98% of all life on Earth, hiding emotion, 

Name: Splotch

Species: Smeargle

Specialties: Graffiti, doing what his elders tell him, not succeeding at a life of crime

Name: Roc

Species: Fearow

Specialties: Succeeding at a life of crime, failing at failing to laugh, convincing Splotch that the Smeargle is the one in charge

Name: Nigel

Species: Houndour

Specialties: Looking greasy, offering law services, failing at law services

Name: Abril

Species: Abra (?)

Specialties: Being in two places at once, being paranormal and feeling perfectly fine about that, not telling all he knows, introducing mischief into the lives of the Treecko evolutionary line whenever possible, waiting for the one day when he'll see his best friend again

Name: Harland

Species: Espeon

Specialties: Making friends, making enemies, smiling at inappropriate times, seeking doom, spreading doom

Name: Dec

Species: Dragonite

Specialties: Probability, mathematics, astronomy, dealing cards, being incapable of reading a situation

Name: Mayo

Species: Zigzagoon

Specialties: Finding something to cover his mouth, watching over Leap, reading the manual, missing the important steps in the manual

Name: Leap

Species: Jolteon

Specialties: Electricity, mouthing off, trying to get his way, finding duct work

Names: Libby, Eagle, and Frat

Species: Chatot, Chatot, and sometimes Chatot

Specialties: Going about their business (Eagle, Frat), holding grudges (Libby), not holding grudges (Frat), being a real phony (Eagle, Frat), being related (Eagle, Libby)

Name: March

Species: Hitmontop

Specialties: Appearing under exact conditions, rotating, challenging, targeting electric mice or their lookalikes

Name: Preston

Species: Mew

Specialties: Prestidigitation, show business, thrill, spectacle, not quite understanding the PTA

Name(s): Amm, Garn

Species: Sableye

Specialties: Breaking and Entering, Larceny, Extortion, enriching their personal economy, telling nameless peons what to do, working with those they don't understand

Name: Aey 

Species: Sneasal

Specialties: Politeness, information gathering, having motives that cannot be gleaned, repaying debts

Name: Queue


Specialties: See above

Name: Bee, Sea, Dee, Eff

Species: Sableyes

Specialties: When nameless henchmen are needed they answer the call

Name: Cookie

Species: Oshawott

Specialties: High credit limit, high entitlement to doing what he wants, succumbing easily to intimidation

Name: Fry

Species: Sandslash

Specialties: Mediocrity and hostility

Name: Quinn

Species: Sylveon

Specialties: Je ne sais quoi

Package Deal

Name: Fleece

Species: Pachirisu (???)

Specialties: Fair trade agreements and unconditional loyalty

Name: Stare

Species: Watchog

Specialties: Prescription eye-wear dependency, enchanting conversation

Name: Yard

Species: Furret

Specialties: Dabbling in little-seen subculture musical practices, stomaching any burden that needs to be carried

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Re: Hi there

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:19 am

awesome! i love vulpix

wanna roleplay sometime?


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Re: Hi there

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:24 am

hi, im new here


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Re: Hi there

Post by Tan Tailed on Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:17 am

Updated the thread because I dunno!

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Re: Hi there

Post by Tan Tailed on Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:04 pm

Did something happen here?  Yes and no.

Did I update the starting thread with new characters?  Yes.

Did I still leave that part about just the basics and updating later in there?  Yes.

Will I ever update those details? ..... No!

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Re: Hi there

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