Welcome to my world.

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Welcome to my world.

Post by Marcusangelpika on Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:59 pm

A long time ago, Marcus used his powers (at his most powerfull, he can bend reality,) to create a world of his own. the world was like heaven, but with a twist. the sky was pink, and the clouds had happy faces. (Like in the Mario series. It was a world filled with cutesy things. He then created a home. It was a castle tower the entrence built to look like a head of pikachu.( the mouth being the door.) He also created his own amusement park for himself, and anyone lucky enough to visit him. Now what must you do in order to visit this world? Simple, Marcus will have form a strong friendship with you, he will then hand you a key that can be used on any door, this will lead you to his world.

Now That I haved explained The basics of Marcus's world, let me tell you about the inhabitants.

Selene and Cleo: they are 2 Nekomata (japanese cat creatures that can shapeshift into human form) that act as Marcus's guardians and housekeepers to his castle. They both look human, with the exception fo theyr'e cat like ears and Tails. They both wear maid outfits, however, Selene wear's a traditional black maid outfit, and cleo wear's a pink one with cherries on the apron, stockings with hearts, and red maryjane shoes. Also Selene has long black hair that's kept down, and Cleo has pink hair that's kept in curly pigtails. They both love cute things, so if your'e cute, expect to get smothered with effection.

Kokoro: She's a female robot. Her job is to make sure things in the tower work properly. She take's her job very seriously, she's also incharge of the main computer room, wich is conected to al electrical devices in the tower.
Unlike most robots, she's gifted with a soul. The best way to describe her appearance is she look's similar to Drossel von Fl├╝gel, (mainly the "hair.") but with minor differance's

The love bubbles: If your familiar with the game "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time" you should be familiar with these creatures. (If not, google it.) but rather then enemies, they work as servents to Marcus.

Marcus: Tee hee. <3 Are you ready for a visit? I'll be waiting to play.

(Remember, you need a key to enter.)

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