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Post by TummyTickleLover on Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:47 am

(Moving them to this post just for convenience and the fact that I've changed since my arrival. Plus I'm adding a new character anyway so why not put 'em all in one?)
Name: Chris
Age: 19
Species: Ambipom
Gender: Male
Moves: Strength, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Tickle
Ticklish spots (Rated 1-10): Feet (10), Tummy (10), Sides (10), Navel (10), Ribs (10), Underarms (9), Legs (7)
Personality: Playful, friendly, Cuddly, Gamer, loves being tickled, only tickles girls due to horrific experiences, same goes for being tickled (only lets girls tickle him), has a secret crush on Amy.

Name: Sakura
Age: 18
Species: Sylveon
Gender: Female
Moves: Moon Blast, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Tickle
Ticklish Spots (Rated 1-10): Tummy (10), Sides (10), Navel (7), Feet (9)
Personality: Kind, caring and playful Sylveon who loves tickling and being tickled equally. She has a soft spot for Pokemon she finds cute and isn't shy about making new friends. She also loves using her ribbons to tickle.

Name: Amy
Age: 19
Species: Shiny Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Moves: Moon Blast, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Focus Blast
Ticklish Spots (Rated 1-10): Tummy (10), Sides (10), Navel (10), Ribs (10), Underarms (9), Legs (9), Neck (9), Back (9), Feet (9)
Personality: Can't get enough being tickled no matter where it is. Loves to tickle others too. Also sweet, caring, cheerful, smart, and secretly has a crush on Chris.

Name: Phoebe
Age: 18
Species: Shiny Sableye
Gender: Female
Moves: Foresight, Hone Claws, Double Team, Shadow Sneak
Ticklish Spots (Rated 1-10): Tummy (10), Sides (10), Navel (10), Feet (10), Legs (9), Neck (5), Underarms ( 8 )
Personality: Unlike most Sableye, she has permanent Foresight on herself, done by herself via looking into her jewel while using it hundreds of times. She's playful, funny, and will play with anyone. She also loves being tickled and her moves are used for lots of ticklish pranks. If someone wants no mercy, you can bet she'll give no mercy.

Name: Momoko
Age: 16
Species: Minccino
Gender: Female
Moves: Tickle, Attract, Sing, Charm
Ticklish Spots (Rated 1-10): Tummy (10), Sides (10), Navel (10), Feet (9), Legs (9), Neck (7), Underarms (9)
Personality: Adorable, caring, sweet, loves both tickling and being tickled, always allows full access to her tummy because she loves being in ticklish situations, also easily able to attract others with her cuteness alone.


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