Long Time No See?

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Long Time No See?

Post by dialga2palkia on Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:36 pm

Heeeeeeeey. It's been a while. ^^; Sorry. I kind of got hit with a... well... guess a year long slump. .w.; But I want to try and become more active. Smile

For those of you who know me, hi! For those of you who don't, hi! I promise I still don't bite very hard, heh.

I'm slowly opening myself up to tickle RPs again, so yay for that! Life's been kind of one hectic ride since last I've been here. Mixed with a lot of real life stress and depression and RP slumps and some things that aren't even possible to comprehend sometimes. But I'm back! For now at least, so huzzah!

My schedule on here may not be very consistent. That being said, I rely on WiFi since I have no internet at my house, which my usual places for WiFi is the library and school. So, I'm here NORMALLY five days a week throughout the school day and some after school at the library. I'm not very active on weekends due to the above reasons. Also I may not be on very much during seasonal breaks, like Spring Break, Christmas Break, etc. Figured I'd get that out so people don't think I'm neglecting the RPs with them. .w.;

But yeah! Here's the return of everyone's favorite Espurr! Smile I'm thinking on updating and cleaning up my roster, but for the most part it's still what it was, and can be found here.

For anyone who wants to role-play, just send me a PM. I'm good with forum-post roleplays and PM-restricted roleplays, and am quite literate. If you truly want to get to know me, send me a PM and I'd love to get to know you and possibly become friends. Smile

....I was never good at Welcome Intros. XD But Hi!!

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